About the EEG

The Environmental Economics and Governance research group is one of 5 research groups within the Department of Geography and Sustainable Development at the University of St Andrews.

Mission statement

The environmental economics and governance research group seeks to

  1. explore the full costs of the societal impacts associated with environmental problems, such as climate change
  2. recommend long-term solutions and assess their societal benefits
  3. promote sustainable governance processes and institutions

We are committed to investigating these interests from a global perspective, encompassing marine, coastal and terrestrial research interests in Southeast Asia, Latin America, South Africa, Europe and the US. Our interdisciplinary team employs quantitative methods with the inclusion of selected qualitative methods, offering some unique insights into the interplay between economics and environmental governance.


Discussion papers 

PhD projects currently offered by the group

Masters programmes

  • MSc in Sustainable Development and Environmental Economics
  • MSc in Sustainable Development and Energy

Visit our student blog, written by undergraduate and postgraduate students on our Sustainable Development and Environmental Economics programmes.


  • The¬†Marine and Coastal Environment Team is a sub-team within the Environmental Economics and Policy cluster, specializing in the geography of oceans and coasts; click here for further information.