The EEG Future Leaders Forum  will be launched in February 2018; Maria Pavlenko, 3rd year PhD Candidate and Lead Coordinator of the Forum will kick the session off with a presentation of her research. The first session will take place on 13 February. Everyone is very welcome to attend. (N.B. There will be pizza and wine afterwards!) – Stay tuned for upcoming events!

EEG Future Leaders Forum

This year, we are launching an EEG Future Leaders Forum for postgraduates students in the EEG research group.

The key aim is to provide a space for postgraduate students to present their research to other postgraduates and network across the school.


Purposes of the Forum:

  1. Provide a space for PhD students to present their research to Masters students (less grumpy and boring than staff) – 2 to 3 times per semester.
  2. Provide an opportunity for postgraduates to invite one external speaker per semester.
  3. Members benefit from a £500 (or up to £1000 if requested in advance) budget which can cover food, soft drinks and external speaker travel.
  4. A dedicated web presence on our EEG website.

Sessions will take place monthly in the Irvine Building.


  1. What is this environmental economics?
    – Basically: placing a value on the environment, or simply understanding individual preferences or choices
  2. What is this governance?
    – The planning, management and decision making processes surrounding the environment
  3. Why both?
    – They work well together as they are often inextricably linked
  4. Who are the Masters students?
    – 36 students selected from over 300 applications from around the world

If you would like to present your research, invite an external speaker or have any ideas/questions/suggestions, please contact our Lead Coordinator Maria Pavlenko (

Any questions regarding web presence should be directed to Caroline Damgaard (