The research group is made up of academic staff and PhD students and has two associated Masters courses.

Staff members:

PhD students

  • Valeria Toledo-Gallegos (Professor Nicholas Hanley & Dr Jed Long) Mapping ecosystem services and value changes driven by land use in Scottish Estuaries
  • Ryan Holmes (Dr Darren McCauley, Prof. Nicholas Hanley & Prof. David Paterson) The Political, Economic and Environmental Implications of a Transition Towards Liquefied Natural Gas as a Marine Fuel.
  • Maria Pavlenko (Dr Darren McCauley & Dr Eoin McLaughlin) Corporate versus state perceptions of the Arctic energy security
  • Rika Haga (Dr Darren McCauley & Dr Eion McLaughlin) Cleaning up the legacy: Exploring the intergenerational impacts of nuclear decommissioning operations
  • Lucy Parsons (Dr Nicholas Hanley & Dr Eion McLaughlin) The impact of ownership and management types of ports (private, trust or municipal) on their strategic value and economic impact on their hinterlands
  • Paula Duffy (Dr Timothy Stojanovic & Professor Allan Findlay) The Social science of coasts; Relational understandings of Scottish coastal communities for demographic and social analysis
  • Fiona Cunningham (Dr Timothy Stojanovic & Dr Richard Bates) Vulnerability and Adaption of Scottish Island Communities to the Impacts of Climate Change
  • Esther Lew (Dr Darren McCauley & Dr David McCollum) The Role of Non State Actors in Multilateral Environmental Agreements: The case of Climate Change Negotiations
  • Caroline Sejer Damgaard (Dr Darren McCauley, Dr Tobias Borger & Prof. Nicholas Hanley)
  • Iain Todd
  • James Luger
  • Ilinca Bajenaru
  • Kai Hu
  • Dema Almeziad
  • Tedd Mose