January 2018
  • This year we are launching a new postgraduate forum: The EEG Future Leaders Forum, which is kicked off in February by Maria Pavlenko, 3rd year PhD student and Lead Coordinator of the forum. Maria will present her PhD research on energy security in the Norwegian and Russian Arctic. Sessions will take place on a monthly basis. 
December 2017
  • Congratulations to Caroline Sejer Damgaard (PhD student), who has been selected for the Europaeum Scholars Programme. Over the next two years, Caroline will be joining a group of 30 doctoral students from across The Europaeum‘s eleven member universities for “a world-class programme designed to produce a new generation of leaders, thinkers, and researchers who have the capacity and desire to shape the future of Europe.” The Europaeum is an association of leading European universities of which St Andrews, in June of this year, became the newest member, “signaling St Andrews’ commitment to remaining a highly connected global university”.


November 2017
  • Professor Nick Hanley will be moving to the University of Glasgow, starting December 2017. Nick will continue his association with us as Honorary Professor.


October 2017
  • Tedd Mose, PhD student at Queen Mary University of London, is joining our research group as visiting PhD student for six months. Tedd’s research focus is energy justice and international energy law.


September 2017
  • Ruth Kruger, MSc graduate from the University of Lund, is joining us for a month as a visiting researcher, working on various tasks with Dr Darren McCauley.


October 2016
  • Dema Almeziad has joined us a new PhD student. Her supervisors are Nick Hanley and Charles Warren.


September 2016
  • Caroline Sejer Damgaard has joined us a new PhD student. Her research focus is on social structures for urban sustainable energy development. Her supervisors are Darren McCauley and Nick Hanley.
  • The first cohort of students on the MSc in Sustainable Development and Environmental  Economics arrived in the Martinmas Semester


August 2016
  • Dr Tobias Borger has joined the Environmental Economics group as new lecturer. Tobias’ research is mainly on the application and improvement of stated preference valuation methods. He will be teaching environmental economics at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.